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Get inspired for your next vacation, or get curious with local happenings in another part of the world. Our local Huvr Walkers are on the ground in many destinations to take you there.

All you need is a smartphone and download the Huvr App to get started.


Inspired by Travel 

Choose a Destination

Choose from any available location, event, attraction or hot spot. 

Select a Walker

A Huvr Walker will accept your trip to start your journey, countdown begins.

Go Live

We Go Live in your selected destination and you take control.

Thank you Huvr!

When choosing a college I want to see the campus and what the city is like. A Huvr Walker can easily help to narrow my choice down without wasting unnecessary money & making sure I feel safe in the process.

Tina. G

People Are Saving Time & Money Using Huvr

Whether you're an inspired traveler exploring the world from your mobile device, or if you are planning your next big trip or wanting to relocate, get real-time insight and experiences to make informed and feel good decisions.

Buying Real Estate

Buying property or relocating? Get a real time look at the surrounding area and the finer details.  

Choosing a College

Save time and money by making informed decisions with a live tour of the college and surroundings.

Planning Trips

Before planning your next trip get a real-time view of the places you wish to see and experience. 

Economic Development 

See where you can support and invest in community growth and connect with locals.

Live News & Media

See a live view on hot stops broadcasted by newsrooms to get a real-time perspective.


Take a student or family journey to explore the historic and scientific events around us. 

It's easy to get started.
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FAQ for Travelers

What is Huvr? 

Huvr is an app that connects people around the globe, and provides real time virtual travel experiences. It's that simple. 

How does Huvr work?

We have hundreds of HuvrWalkers locally and globally, waiting to take you on a journey. 

1. Choose your destination via our Huvr app

2. A HuvrWalker will accept your request in your selected destination

3. They will take you on a virtual journey, your way, so you can explore and see what you like. 

What can you explore with Huvr?

You can explore any destination where Huvr is live, and a walker is available.

To make it easy, you can see suggestions and places ready to go live.

From attractions, to hot spots, history to science. Experiences that are fun, different and new.

Are there restrictions on what I can see?

There are areas you may not be able to access for multiple reasons and our app will notify you of this along with our terms.

Some examples:

Anything that violates local laws will be blocked or not permitted.
Anything that the walkers deems unsafe.
Any explicit or sexual content.
Venues or locations that requires permits to film or stream. 
Venues not listed as an approved partner of Huvr.
Any area that required access via a entry fee that you do not approve payment for.
Anything deemed unsafe or rated outside our safe zone.

Is Huvr available worldwide?

Huvr will roll out specific cities globally and continue to expand for gig workers and travelers. By expressing interest we can tell you when your city goes live.

In terms for those using the app, it will be made available on IOS & Android and subject to each country and their release regulations.  

More on Huvr?

Huvr Inc is a corporation with headquarters in Colorado. It has been developed by seasoned entrepreneurs who are public figures, veterans along with partnered private investors. 

If you wish to contact our team email:

Huvr Inc. Is a real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you. From local destinations, historic attractions, media hotspots and public events. Start your Huvr journey now. 

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