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Our "social mission" is to be a major player in helping end global poverty by giving people in need the tools required to earn a more sustainable income.

Partner With Us To Help End Global Poverty

There are over 1.1 billion people in the world who live on $1.00 per day.

Did you know: In Guatemala - 7 out of 10 people live at or below the poverty line.

Many people living in poverty who try to get ahead take out micro-financing loans to rent land and shelters in hopes of turning them into farms to survive. 

They do this knowing the added pressure to make payments every 15 days.  Most of these loans average $125. 

We can help to break the poverty cycle.

Even with a family on a diet of black beans and rice, they cannot make enough crops or money to provide the calories a person needs to survive and thrive. 

Children are taken out of school because they can't afford the $25 expense for books and supplies. At ages as young as 12 years old kids accept the fate that they will be day-farmers.

When you look at situations like this, it's their circumstance that's holding them back to flourish, not who they are.

With Huvr, people will not have to choose between feeding their kids or sending them to school to get an education.

Join us towards helping communities in need thrive.

Huvr Cares is seeking sponsors to help provide 1 million mobile devices in the hands of people and communities in need. 

Our goal is to scholarship, not loan the devices, in order to supply training and mobile plans required to substantially increase the income of people living in poverty around the world... while educating them around financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Our program can increase daily earnings 2x to 10x what they are used to making. Plus, with Huvr Cares, the world will have a real-time view of these areas and the cultures, which will help to foster awareness and further support. 

If your company is interested in partnering with Huvr and sponsoring this amazing program, please contact us below.

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