Huvr Educate

Innovate with Huvr Educate. A new way of teaching and online learning with virtual and real-time immersive experiences, built your way.

Huvr for Education is a Truly Immersive Virtual Classroom

Imagine bringing learning to life, as your students are learning about World War II, you can activate Huvr and go-live in real historical locations such as The Beaches of Normandy and beyond.

Illustrate lessons with Real-Time Exploration

Go beyond reading content, Go-Live

Connect with locations around the world


Universities & Colleges

Huvr For Curriculum Advancement

Educational experiences in real-time as you explore destinations first hand from your classroom.

Huvr Virtual University Tours

Utilize the power of real-time virtual tours to showcase your campus to prospective students and their family.

Innovation in Education 

Lead in education with new ways students can adopt experiential learning through real time travel for history, culture, sciences and more. 

Students Income as Huvr Walkers

Flexible work-life balance for students to earn an income and promote their campus, too.

Advertise Your University

We can target specific users on our app, including international prospective high school students in other countries or graduates for further education.

Marketing & Reporting Data

We provide reporting back to the University on virtual trips booked and completed, and we can continue to market to them as a university of choice.

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Huvr Inc. Is a real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you. From local destinations, historic attractions, media hotspots and public events. Start your Huvr journey now. 

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