About Huvr.

Hi we're Huvr a virtual marketplace and tech platform connecting virtual Travelers from around the world to human Huvr approved Walkers to many destinations virtually all in real-time. Choose one-on-one experiences or get ready for a group showcase.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite global opportunity to communities and economies at scale. We do this by creating jobs that supply unrivaled experiences to inspired travelers, all in real-time via our virtual travel app.

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Our World

Created for established brands to utilize our technology to expand their consumer base, and connect with fans and customers on a more intimate level.  

The original app, that connects Virtual Travelers to Human Walkers in other locations giving them the freedom and experiences to explore the world.

Empowering schools around the globe giving access to our technology where students can discover first hand and see the world in real-time.

New ways to impact communities by providing scholarships to people living in poverty with equipment and training to learn & earn a better income.

Providing gig opportunities around the world, supporting family & student friendly work, earning potential and helping economies & tourism at scale. 

Creating a vast user base of Inspired Travelers & curious minds, our advertising programs gives brands the ability to market and grow online.

Our Care to Impact Global Poverty

Huvr, at its most basic form only requires a mobile phone for a HuvrWalker (gig worker) to make money. Our plan is to partner with one or more telecommunication companies to donate thousands of devices, mobile plans and internet coverage around the world, both local and satellite alike, all working together in a beautiful scholarship program to educate and support communities in poverty. 

Huvr Team

Herman DeBoard


James Martin


David C. Liakas

VP BUSIneSS Development & Partnerships

Advisory Board

Dick Wingate


Ryan Downs


Delen Wong

  former corporate development expedia 

Lavaille Lavette



What is Huvr? 

Huvr is an app that connects people around the globe, and provides real time virtual travel experiences.

Who can apply to work with Huvr?

We are seeking independent contractors who have the flexibility to work in their local city - where there are events, landmarks and experiences the world wants to experience.

Must be fit to walk, enjoy connecting with people and like the outdoors. 

What are the requirements that need to be met for a gig opportunity?

Must be 18 years or older. 
Fit and permit to work.
Background check.
BYO mobile device and have 4G access at a minimum 
Registration Fee
Training and on boarding complete. 

All workers for this opportunity are independent contractors.

How much can I earn?

Expected earnings for part-time hours based on 15 hours per week - up to $1600 per month 
Expected earnings for full-time based on 40 hours per week - up to $3640

This is based on being booked for half the hours you are online and available. The more hours you work and the more time you are booked, the monthly amount can increase. 

Are there set hours I need to work?

You can work the hours that suit you. This is a flexible arrangement, however there is supply and demand. So this may also impact your earnings subject to the times or hours of the day you work. 

Is this available worldwide?

Huvr will roll out specific cities globally and continue to expand for gig workers. By expressing interest we can tell you when your city goes live so you can secure your place. 

In terms for those using the app, it will be made available on IOS & Android and subject to each country and their release regulations.  

More on Huvr?

Huvr Inc is a corporation with headquarters in Colorado. It has been developed by seasoned entrepreneurs who are public figures, veterans along with partnered private investors. 

If you wish to contact our team email: support@huvr.com

Huvr Inc. Is a real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you. From local destinations, historic attractions, media hotspots and public events. Start your Huvr journey now. 

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Partner With Us To Help End Global Poverty

It is our "social mission" to be a major player in helping end global poverty by giving people in need the tools required to earn a more sustainable income.

The best part is, this work only requires the skill of walking and pointing a camera. Huvr will provide all the training and backend support needed for these people to be successful.

We will provide two year "scholarships" to people living in poverty and will help them use our Walker Program to become self-sufficient and financially independent. 


If you are part of a mobile phone or internet company, or another company who would like to contribute to this initiative to impact global poverty, please complete the form below and we will set up a virtual introduction and Q&A.



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